Spindle, Stairs & Railings Providing Unique Service to Restaurants and Bars During Covid-19

CALGARY, Alberta, Nov. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Spindle, Stairs & Railings, a Calgary Alberta based company which has been providing Railings and Staircases to their clients for 22 years, has pivoted to providing Plexi Glass Barrier Systems for the hospitality industry.

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As a business owner, Kevin Halliday recognized that the COVID-19 pandemic had created unique challenges for most businesses, in particular Restaurants and Bars. While local and Provincial guidelines and bylaws allowed for these establishments to remain open, the requirements were ever-changing and could be difficult to navigate. Spindle, Stairs & Railings took on the challenge and to continually review and keep up to date on the everchanging requirements set out by AHS and local authorities. They created a unique line of Custom and Standard Plexi Glass Barrier Products to help overcome the challenges faced by these businesses.

“Concern for the overall Safety of Staff, Patrons and the General Public and understanding the importance of keeping the economy moving was my main motivator,” says Halliday. “We wanted to maximize the floor space and seating, while keeping within all guidelines and ensuring a Safe, Comfortable Experience for the restaurant and bar patrons.”

SNUGs are the new trend in local pubs. Going back to the old style of providing a cozy, private atmosphere for these customers, combined with the modern open atmosphere fit perfectly with the requirement to use Plexi Glass.

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