GPS Partners with ValidCare to Guide CPG/Pharma Research and Investment in CBD Market

DENVER, CO, Nov. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire— Gateway Proven Strategies, LLC (GPS) announced today a partnership to offer the ValidCare CBD (Cannabidiol) Consumer Experience databases as part of its integrated cannabis consulting offering. These databases feature more than two years of blinded and aggregated real-world data and real-world evidence provided by actual consumers of CBD products. These data provide unique visibility into consumer reported safety, demographics, preferences, and uses and effects of numerous CBD products and brands.

Many consumer packaged goods (CPG) and pharmaceutical (Rx) companies are very interested in pursuing product innovation pipelines featuring CBD and given the lack of movement by the FDA, most CPG/Rx companies are eagerly awaiting these safety findings. GPS is the cannabis industry’s leading consulting firm, encompassing a full suite of cannabis business expertise. By being able to offer the ValidCare database and Research Solutions to our potential clients without a consulting commitment, we hope to stimulate more meaningful conversations and eventual client engagements around what to do about these findings.  

GPS will offer the ValidCare databases and Research Solutions to clients for the same price offered directly by ValidCare. The difference is that when purchasing from GPS, clients also have the option to access GPS experts for meaningful application from the data/findings. “We are excited to partner with GPS and its team of business intelligence experts,” said Patrick McCarthy, CEO of ValidCare. “We believe that by having GPS as a partner, CPG, and pharmaceutical companies can more efficiently gain insights and make important strategic decisions from our data.  Together we can help companies conduct proprietary research to advance their portfolios as well as assess regulatory and safety considerations, market entry timing, product development, and market segmentation opportunities.”

Despite U.S. Federal legalization with the 2018 Farm Bill, the FDA has yet to announce whether it will treat CBD as a dietary supplement.  FDA’s inaction is primarily due to concerns the FDA has with CBD causing liver damage and drowsiness, based on findings from excessive dosing experiments as part of the GW Pharmaceuticals drug approval trials.  ValidCare is currently sponsoring a multi-branded safety study aimed at answering the FDA’s repeated request, including the agency’s March 5, 2020 report to Congress, for science-based data so it can confidently determine the appropriate regulatory path(s) for hemp-derived CBD products. This data is expected to be critical to unlocking innovation pipelines for CPG and Rx companies. 

“Charlotte’s Web invests in precision science through our CW Labs and also through important research studies such as this ValidCare study because this research will provide much-needed data,” said Tim Orr, Vice President of Innovation at Charlotte’s Web.

 “By being both science and data-driven we can secure long term consumer trust, while also addressing the FDA’s safety concerns with CBD products.” 

About Gateway Proven Strategies

GPS, LLC is a global consulting group dedicated to connecting the dots of the global CBD supply chain. Through it’s comprehensive consulting and advisement service offerings, GPS supports entrepreneurs on the front lines of innovation, advises governments to develop reasonable cannabis policies that support growth and innovation, guides the hand of investment capital, and navigates enterprise clients through the nascent waters of the emerging CBD industry providing education, vision, strategy, and results. For more information on Gateway Proven Strategies, LLC, visit www.GPS.Global

About ValidCare

ValidCare, LLC provides clinical research outsourcing (CRO) and consumer intelligence solutions for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and life sciences industries. ValidCare’s proprietary platform supports virtual research powered by real-world evidence (RWE) including self-reported consumer data to deliver insights that help improve research, regulations, product development, and consumer health. For more information on Valid Care, visit or call 844-825-4322.

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