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, Nov. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Investor lawyers at the Rosca Scarlato law firm are investigating alleged securities violations, corporate misconduct, and misrepresentations, as well as questionable business practices involving Enviva Inc. (NYSE: EVA). They have identified potential areas of concern and are preparing to take action and seek compensation on behalf of injured EVA investors.

Enviva investors who are concerned about the recent EVA stock price decline following allegations that Enviva published materially misleading information, and who would like to discuss potential claims for compensation are advised to contact Alan Rosca at [email protected], 888-998-0530, or by sending a message through the Enviva Class Action Investigation page.

Recently, EVA’s stock price fell sharply after a research company, Blue Capital Orca, published a report with troubling allegations against Enviva. Among others, the report alleged that Enviva is “flagrantly greenwashing its wood procurement”, and contrary to its representations, the company is “procuring substantial amounts of its wood from clear-cutting,” a technique considered controversial and environmentally destructive. The report also raised concerns about Enviva allegedly inflating its EBITDA, “troubling cashflows”, and “unsustainable divided.”

Enviva Investors May Be Able to Pursue Compensation Claims

Investor rights attorneys Alan Rosca, Paul Scarlato, and Kathryn Weidner at Rosca Scarlato are investigating and evaluating potential claims for compensation on behalf of EVA shareholders. They have decades of combined experience representing victims of corporate or financial misconduct.

If you are an Enviva investor concerned about your investment, believe you suffered losses, and would like to learn more about potential compensation options, you may contact attorneys Rosca, Scarlato, or Weidner to learn more about your rights and for an evaluation of your potential claims, or to provide useful information. All consultations are free. The Rosca Scarlato attorneys typically take cases like this on a contingency fee basis, advance all case costs, and only get paid for their fees and expenses if and when they are successful, following review and approval by the Court of any fee application.

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