Adstra Partners with Karlsgate, Enabling Zero-Trust Data Sharing for Customers Using Anonymous Tokens

Partnership represents another way for Adstra clients to securely match identities and orchestrate data across any form of media

NEW YORK, Nov. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Adstra, the first Data Bureau designed to help marketers orchestrate data across all dimensions of their efforts, today announced a partnership with data sharing platform Karlsgate. The partnership will enable Adstra’s clients to securely share data using Karlsgate Identity Exchange™.

Karlsgate Identity Exchange ensures the highest level of data security and privacy compliance by using patent-pending Cryptoidentity™, single-use pseudonymized tokens, and a distributed network architecture to match two data sets without sharing or exposing Personal Data.

“The legacy infrastructure for data sharing leaves risky gaps in identity protection,” said Brian Mullin, Founder and CEO at Karlsgate. “Karlsgate Identity Exchange represents a new paradigm for securely sharing and matching data sets without transferring custody to any third party – protecting identities from disclosure, retention, persistency or reidentification.”

Through the partnership, Karlsgate’s technology becomes one of multiple ways to securely share and action on identity data through the Adstra Data Bureau. Facing a cookieless future and new privacy regulations, Adstra has struck a number of deals with next-generation data sharing platforms and technologies that provide novel means for secure data sharing.

“Cryptoidentities and the pseudonymized tokens represent one of the most promising solutions for the first-party data era,” said Andy Johnson, Chief Data Officer at Adstra Data. “Karlsgate is among a select grouping of innovative companies that have established new frameworks for secure data sharing.”

As the industry’s first Data Bureau, Adstra can ingest any form of identity (individual or household), assign a persistent ID connected to attribute data, and action against any other media or form of identity. It works independently of a brand’s choice in technology and enables brands to meet privacy regulations by linking its data back to validated individuals or customers. A Data Bureau is compatible with CDPs, DMPs, onboarders, and marketing clouds, facilitating privacy-compliant portability of critical data and intelligence between these different systems. The Karlsgate Identity Exchange offers Adstra’s clients a new secure option for data matching and orchestration.


Adstra is the new data model for the data-driven enterprise. Adstra comprises a comprehensive suite of portable data and identity solutions, offered via an all-inclusive subscription-based model that liberates brands to realize the incremental value from their data without worrying about incremental costs.


Karlsgate is a secure data integration company providing zero-trust data sharing. Through the Karlsgate Identity Exchange and patent-pending Cryptoidentity, we empower data owners, brands, publishers, agencies and technology companies to share consumer insights freely without exposing consumer identities to the risks of disclosure, retention, persistency or re-identification.

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