Adlib Rebrands to Signal its Evolution into a SaaS-Based AI-Driven Content Intelligence Company

TORONTO, Nov. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Adlib today announced a rebrand that represents its evolution into an AI-driven, SaaS-based Content Intelligence and Contract Analytics leader. The rebrand consists of an enhanced SaaS-based solution, a website with an improved user experience, and a new logo and brand colours that use bold, simple graphics to convey Adlib’s sophisticated solutions in a simple way.

With the growing demand for data-driven insights, companies from all industries are now able to leverage AI to surface clean data from complex unstructured content to simplify compliance, accelerate customer experiences, fuel innovation and reduce corporate risk. Adlib’s enhanced Content Intelligence and Contract Analytics capabilities solve these challenges with a greater level of speed, cost-effectiveness, and agility. The corporate rebrand will allow Adlib to communicate its strong history as a Content Transformation company while signaling its broader capabilities in the Contract Analytics realm.

“In the last year, Adlib has diversified its service offering while broadening our global footprint,” says Brett Mellon, CEO of Adlib. “With this launch, our customers will continue to experience our rich suite of Content Transformation solutions plus additional Contract Analytics capabilities,” he adds. “This strategic decision supports our future growth and delivers a clearer message behind a clean, reinvigorated brand.”

“Adlib is always adapting to market shifts, and we have seen plenty over the last year,” says Peter Duff, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer. “Covid-19 is pressing organizations to comb through millions of contracts in search of force majeure clauses, Banks are dealing with the LIBOR transition, IFRS 17 will be impacting Insurance, and there are other ongoing compliance and risk-reduction initiatives,” he adds. “Our new brand will guide us forward into the Contract Analytics space while allowing us to stay true to our roots as a Content Transformation company.

“The new Adlib brand better reflects our core ethos: to amplify human potential and maximize business performance with intelligent data,” says Marc Fuentes, Senior Director of Marketing. “Adlib’s new logo includes organic upward curves which signifies the performance, profitability, and growth that Adlib helps our customers achieve,” he adds. “Our new identity is sophisticated, simple, and powerful, much like the solutions we provide.”

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Marc Fuentes, Senior Director of Marketing
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About Adlib

Our purpose is to create intelligent data that amplifies human potential and maximizes business performance. How do we get there? Our content intelligence and automation solutions make it easy to discover, standardize, classify, extract, and leverage clean structured data from complex unstructured documents. In doing so, our global customers reduce risk, simplify compliance, automate processes, and enter a whole new level of performance. For more information, contact us at [email protected], or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.