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Our Story

We want to help you make informed trading and investing decisions. Information is key in the world of stocks. As we all know, insider information is illegal. But the moment information is publicly released, it becomes fair game, and investors all over the world react to it almost immediately! We make it possible for you to access this information right away, and by summarizing the key data points about the news as well as the company, we give you the chance to make an accurate trading decision in a very timely manner.


Technology is key to our offering. We use high speed data links to providers of press releases in order to retrieve news the moment it is published. We also track all SEC fillings as they occur. Our databases hold all important information on the thousands of publicly traded stocks. And our proprietary parsing algorithms extract the key pieces of information in real time. Each headline, as it arrives, will be accompanied by key information such as keywords, company info and even current best bid and ask prices. This allows you to judge whether it is worth exploring further or not. Given the thousands of releases and filings each day, knowing what is safe to ignore is as important as knowing what to focus on!