SouthEast Asia Capital Group donates 200,000 PLD Global Corporation’s HandaX anti-bacterial gloves to Global Help Foundation.

New York, June 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global Help Foundation, a U.S. non-profit organization, today is proud to announce that SouthEast Asia Capital Group has donated 200,000 PLD Global Corporation’s HandaX anti-bacterial gloves with total value exceeding US$500,000 in an effort to join hands to fight against the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, to support the re-open of the US economy in particular and the world in general, and to improve environmental protection measures in personal protective equipment (PPE) manufacturing.

The donation of Southeast Asia Capital Group to Global Help Foundation is critical and meaningful in the context that the world is still struggling in the fight against this pandemic without any official vaccines available. HandaX anti-bacterial gloves have been researched and manufactured by PLD Global Corporation aiming at the following objectives:

     – Anti-bacterial gloves are made of polyester for comfortable feeling and high sweat absorption ability and particularly with non-allergic feature to skin as contrast to latex or nitrile gloves. HandaX gloves are also covered with natural solvent which is certified by FDA for its ability to kill up to 99.9% viruses and bacteria; besides, the solvent can protect human hands from viruses and bacteria through contacting, holding or touching; moreover, the gloves are safe and fashionable for different daily uses.

     – HandaX anti-bacterial gloves can protect people’s hands full-time as contrast to the limited time protection features of hand sanitizers, which cause skin dry and peeling due to alcohol ingredient.

     – HandaX anti-bacterial gloves can be re-used for several times without losing any of its anti-bacterial potency, thus minimizing a great number of disposable gloves and contributing to the environment  protection.

     – David Nguyen, President of Global Help Foundation, stated: “We are very grateful to the generous donation of Southeast Asia Capital Group, which will help a lot of people the world over to be protected against the terrible Covid-19 pandemic. We wish to receive more donation and support from individuals and organizations for the long-term fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.”   

Richard Phan, Chairman of Southeast Asia Capital Group, said: “We are very pleased to sponsor HandaX anti-bacterial gloves to Global Help Foundation as an effort to join hands to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, and we hope this will mark a sustained cooperation with Southeast Asia Capital Group and Global Help Foundation in the future.”
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Global Help Foundation is a non-profit organization to be established for worldwide operations with relief and humanitarian activities.
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PLD Global Corporation is a Nevada corporation specializing in worldwide trading and service activities.
About Southeast Asia Capital Group

SouthEast Asia Capital Group is a Nevada company established in 2004. The Company is engaged in finance, international trade and commercial projects with potential for high returns on investment. In addition, SouthEast Capital Group exclusively provides Copper Sheets, Mineral and Fossil Fuels internationally from Phannet Holding Corp.
SouthEast Asia Capital Group intends to invest on potential projects in Vietnam such as: The International Seaport (Bonded Petroleum Warehouse; Petroleum Inbound and Outbound Terminal; General Cargo Terminal), Logistic. Infrastructure Industry zones, Processing zones and transport.
In 2020, SouthEast Asia Capital Group starts to approach in supplying medical equipment and gears globally.      

Contact: Huyen T.Kim Nguyen, President & CEO of SouthEast Asia Capital Group, Inc.

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